Espadress is the very new fashion for the espadrille shoes. They are handmade with the very best care. Our shoes are made in France. Sole is made of rope. Canvas is cotton for the interior of the shoe and polyester for the exterior. Cotton make the shoe very comfortable. The whole sole of the shoe is covered by a rubber material. The sewing is made by hand.

If you are interested to wholesale the Espadress shoes,
just contact Richard Anselmo


Espadrille " COLORS " Espadrille " ZEBRE "





Espadrille " US ARMY " Espadrille " US Dollar "





Espadrille " US ARMY " Espadrille "Power Of Flower "




Very funny, Espadress are entirely designed and handcrafted in France. The 2008's collection is brightly coloured.
New material, new design, new style, Espadress make the Espadrille like in your dreams.
At the city, beach or at home, Espadress make your feets cocooned.

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If you are interested to talk about the new Espadress shoes,
just contact Richard Anselmo


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